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Running time: 00:49 min.

Corpotate Video

Your company through my eyes

I try to turn each video, documentary or story form the world into a unique storytelling, rich in details, through teamwork and professional, always up to date, equipment.

Corpotate Video portfolio
Corporate films

Corpotate movies

I follow all the steps from the ideation to production of an emotional Movie or commercial video for corporate purposes.


Workshops and Contests

I follow video makers into one to one mentoring. I am often jury of international filmmaking contests.


Documentaries and stories form the world

My career starts with documentaries for cinematographic productions. I tell about stories, companies and people through my images by creating formats with great emotional impact satisfying all of my clients’ requests.


Aerial shots taken, with drone

That of aerial shots is a very fascinating subject. A suggestive point of view, a sight from the sky for a breathtaking impact.

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